Cookbook Publishing: Add Heart to Your Recipes

The competition for publishing a cook book is intense so make sure you are ready to put your heart and soul into it, because it is a long haul.

Kirsty Melville, president and publisher of the book division of Andrews-McMeel’s book division, has advise for potential cookbook authors.Why do want to write a book? That’s the first question. Writing a book takes a long time. You really have to be passionate about what you are writing, because afterwards you’ll be talking about it for a long time.”

In an article written by Diana Jacob, Let Your Story and Identity Shine Through, Melville says the competition is tough so it takes more than tasty recipes and appetizing photography. A book has to have its author as the main ingredient, “I want to give voice to authors so they can express their ideas and vision in their own way. I trust the people I publish. I trust them to have a point of view”. Because of the competition from the internet, a book “has to become something you want to hold in your hands and love”.

Here are some of Andrews- McMeel’s recent food books and Melville’s takes on why they succeeded:

Click on the following link for Jacob’s complete article go to: Let Your Story and Identity Shine Through, says Cookbook Publisher

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